Why I’m Enjoying #Periscope & Think You Will Too

As you know, I’m speaking at the upcoming Clio Cloud Conference 9 in Chicago on September 19, 2016. My talk is about live streaming and social media for lawyers. I finished my 11th Periscope broadcast today and it was amazing. Yes, I still love Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. but there’s something about live streaming that’s different. […]

Samantha Collier Goes Live on #Periscope #LawFirmSocial

I’m speaking about ‪live streaming including Periscope, Facebook Live and more at the upcoming Clio ‪#‎ClioCloud9‬ conference on September 19, 2016. Previously, I stayed away from Periscope as I am actually an introvert by nature, but I got over it. I actually love scoping now. Periscope Most importantly, I want to connect with you on Periscope […]

Search Engine Optimization 101 for Lawyers

I found a handy Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Checklist for Website Owners over on the Search Engine Journal (SEJ) blog that I think you’ll find useful, especially if you’re just starting off in the website/SEO realm. You can check out their entire post here. SEO 101 for Lawyers Install Google Analytics on your website. It’s free and […]

Be Yourself

The best advice I can give you about how to be successful on social media is to be yourself. If you’re an introvert at heart, don’t try and be an extrovert. If you don’t like huge networking parties, don’t join live streaming platforms where you have to interact with people consistently. I’m not saying you […]