Interesting Surveys on which Factors Create Trust with Social Media Users

August 18, 2010 — Leave a comment

One of my favorite bloggers, Michael J. Evans, just posted a very interesting article titled 4 Tips for Attorneys to Build Trust Using Social Media Marketing. He playfully added “No, it’s not a joke” after the title.
He shared the results of a two very interesting surveys done by eMarketer titled Sources of Information Users Trust on Social Media – June 2010 and Features Important to Inspiring Trust in Social Media Sites – June 2010. The surveys ranked the level of trust (from trust completely all the way to do not trust at all).

I highly recommend lawyers study these charts when deciding what parts of social media to incorporate in to their legal marketing strategies. Creating trust is integral to building solid relationships with your potential clients.
Mr. Evans makes an interesting statement in his post:

The survey confirms what seems intuitive: people are more likely to trust those they know than those they don’t. 64% of social media users completely or somewhat trust blog and Facebook posts by people they know, and 45% trust friends’ Twitter streams. Brands, products and companies are trusted by approximately 25-40% of social media users, while independent bloggers are trusted by only 21-25% of those surveyed

Does this mean that independent bloggers should hang up the keyboard? Not really. After all, 25% of readers do trust them (although I’m not sure why). And if bloggers integrate Facebook into their blog and do a good job of turning readers into Facebook friends, then they can more than double their “trust rating.”

What do you think about these results? Do they seem on target to you?

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