A Brand New Social Media for Law Firms Website!

June 12, 2012 — 4 Comments

a new social media for law firms websiteI haven’t written in a while as I’ve been waiting for the launch of the shiny brand new Social Media for Law Firms website!  I made the transition from Blogger to WordPress and let me tell you, without Justin Brackett or Kirk Holmes, it wouldn’t have happened.  They know their stuff inside out.  If you ever need help with website design or Search Engine Optimization, you must get in touch with them via Shift Digital.

A lot has happened over the past couple of months and I’ll be short and sweet! I’m working from home full time doing social media marketing as well as continuing to work part time for a Canadian intellectual property law firm, MBM Intellectual Property Law LLP as the Business Development Coordinator.  I’m also thrilled to announce that I’m expecting my third child (and a tad scared – we’re outnumbered now).  The morning sickness has been horrendous but I’ve been told it might go away after 12 – 14 weeks. I never had it with the first two so I’m doubtful. Fingers crossed!

All in all, I’m looking forward to writing more about social media and how it impacts law firm marketing and business development.  I like to focus on what actually works to bring in business, and not all of the spin and maven/ninja talk.  I’m working on same case studies and how-to posts that you can actually put to work right away.  My main focus continues to be on blogging, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  I’m on the fence about Pinterest and Google+ but things change on a regular basis in this realm.

My favorite part of this entire business is interacting with readers and fellow bloggers, so I look forward to your comments and feedback.  What kinds of content do you like reading? What do you find interesting? What do you hate? Let me know!  I also highly recommend you join the Law and Social Networking group over on LinkedIn. I’m co-moderator and there’s been a lot of interesting discussions lately.  We have 2500+ members made up of lawyers, legal consultants and marketers from all over the globe.

Thanks for checking out my new site!

Samantha Collier

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Samantha Collier supports lawyers, law firms and legal industry consultants in their social media marketing efforts. Her blog, Social Media for Law Firms, won the 2011 Canadian Law Blog Awards in the Best Practice Management Category and she was recently recognized as part of "The 24: Canada's Top Legal Social Media Influencers" from The Counsel Network.
  • http://tehachapicourtservices.typepad.com/paralegal_brain_the_blog Teachblade Reynolds

    Vitamin B6 for morning sickness; and Sage Tea for Colic (1/2 t. of Sage (turkey dressing seasoning) from the can into an empty tea bag, steep for few minutes in 8 oz of warm water, with a tablespoon of light Karo syrup.  Feed to baby about 4:00 pm  because the Colic hits about dinner time (6 pm).  Baby will never have another day of Colic; and with the B6, you’ll never have another day of morning sickness. 

    • http://www.socialmediaforlawfirms.com Samantha Collier

      You are quite the wealth of information! Thanks for the tips. My son had colic that lasted three heart-wrenching months, I’ll definitely print your comment and keep it handy just in case.  

      I’m also going to try Vitamin B6 for morning sickness, hopefully it helps!

  • http://www.darlingtons.com/ darlingtons

    Good luck Samantha, we’ll be following your useful content.

    • http://www.socialmediaforlawfirms.com Samantha Collier

      Thank you Darlingtons! I look forward to seeing you here more often.