Samantha CollierSamantha Collier – Samantha is a social media specialist for lawyers and legal professionals. Regarded as one of the world’s leading experts in legal social media, she trains lawyers how to find, engage and sign new clients via social media. 

Founding the Social Media for Law Firms blog in 2010, and working in the law firm realm for 10+ years, Samantha aligned her two passions: law firm marketing and social media to become one of the biggest legal social media influencers in Canada.

Previously, Samantha was the business development director at MBM Intellectual Property Law LLP, a prominent Canadian IP firm. Samantha contributes much of her success to the Managing Partners at MBM. Most law firms shied away from social media in 2010, obviously MBM didn’t.

Shortly after the webinar, Samantha created the Social Media for Law Firms Blog. Her goal was to become the CNN of social media for law firms. By sharing news, opinions and how-to posts, Samantha quickly met and surpassed her goal. She quickly became the go-to-girl for law firm social media which led to her creating her first business (another goal of hers).

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