4 Tips to Create an Addictive Blog

Legal professionals spend a good portion of their day drafting correspondence in an efficient manner that is governed by guidelines and rules. Creating legal blogs requires creative thought and research. Keep in mind, there isn’t usually a How To book on blogging in the law firm library. People will read your blog if they like what you say and how you say it.

How To

1. Design your blog. What type of readers do you want? The answer to this question will govern how you design the look of your blog. It is imperative you convey the image and message necessary to keep your readers coming back. Work with a professional if you’re not in to designing the blog yourself. This is your face to the world and make sure it is polished and not cluttered. Think about Apple’s minimal style = “less is more”.

2. What to include? Your blog should contain blog posts (obviously), an about me section, categories, subscription options and “share” options.

3. Keep them short and simple. Your blog should not read like case law. Try and keep your blog posts under five paragraphs (not always possible). I also like to incorporate bulleted lists and pictures if appropriate. Ensure there is plenty of white space on your page.

4. Show your personality. You have the knowledge people want and pay good money for. You can’t provide legal advice in a blog but you can broadcast your intelligence and personality. People want to trust and like the lawyer they hire. Show them why they should hire you.  Decide how you want to be perceived and send that message out.

Photo cred: Morgan Childers

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