Legal Blogging – It’s All About Passion

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how to inspire legal professionals to blog.  For me the reasons are so logical that I have a hard time understanding why anyone doesn’t blog. You get to interact with your peers, meet new people, keep current in your practice area and broadcast yourself to a larger network.  You might get asked to speak at an event as an expert in your field… and you might just get a client if you’re lucky.

I read an article tonight by Niki Black on legal blogging and how it’s changing.  It’s one of the best articles I’ve read in a long time and also the inspiration for this post.  She writes:

“And, it’s passion that separates the good blogs from the bad. If you enjoy writing and have a passion for the topic about which you are blogging, your blog, whether it’s a group blog or an individual one, will be a success.”

She captures the essence of blogging perfectly. You must be passionate about what you do to have a successful blog. You also have to enjoy writing as it’s definitely required.  If you don’t have these two key characteristics you might want to dabble in another area of social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook which can be just as effective if done correctly.

The technical aspects of publishing a blog can be learned by researching the web and following other legal bloggers. It takes time to decide which software to use but trust me it’s not rocket science. The hardest part is writing your first article and hitting post. After that it will become easier and easier and you’ll wonder how you didn’t blog before.

Successful law blogs introduce you to the writers as real people. You get to know their styles and personalities. They have opinions and voices that you depend on. They are reliable and on schedule (most of the time) and not always perfect.  They cover a specific niche. These are the things that make a successful law blog. But of all these points, passion is #1 in my books.

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