Three Steps to Start Blogging

Step One

Create an RSS Feed (if you don’t know what this means Google it or contact me – I’ll be glad to help) of all your favorite blogs in your practice area. If you don’t have any favorites yet Google “(enter practice area here) + blogs”. I would suggest following five to ten blogs and include competitor blogs.

Read these blogs daily for two weeks. Get a feel for how often they post and what they post. Do you want to do something similar or completely different? What do you enjoy reading and what do you not? Try and define what your blogging style will be. I suggest taking lots of notes.

Step Two

Create relevant Google Alerts for your practice area to ensure you stay on top of all the latest news. This will help you come up with blog posts relevant to current events, etc. I like being on top of my game for legal marketing news and it helps when talking to clients, etc. Try and become the “go to” person for your practice area.

Step Three

Start to draft your first blog post. Pick a topic you are very familiar with. If you can’t think of any ideas read through your RSS Feeds and Google Alerts. Think of what your clients and potential clients would like to read. What are some of the problems you have solved for clients? I’m sure something will pop up and inspire you.

Main Points to Remember about Blogging

  • Each blog post should be on one topic. One of my mentors, Kevin O’Keefe, mentioned that if he reads a blog that starts off on one topic and rambles on towards another he stops reading instantly.
  • Blog posts should be short. Try and limit them to five paragraphs.
  • Blog posts should be easy to read. Reading huge chunks of text online can be hard on the eyes. Keeping posts double spaced and including lists/pictures should help.

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  • Nancy Myrland

    Great post Samantha. I think there are many lawyers and legal professionals out there who would love to start blogging, but aren't sure where to start. This provides a good foundation. Keep it up!

  • Samantha Collier

    Thanks for the comment Nancy!