7 Reasons Why The New Facebook Messenger App is Creepy

untitled-design-3First of all, I’m not a big proponent of complaining when Facebook changes a security setting or deletes a useful feature. We don’t pay a fee to use Facebook so they pretty much have free game to do what they want. It’s our responsibility to not post content (pictures, posts, videos, etc.) that we wouldn’t mind the whole world seeing.

Facebook is migrating its chat feature to a brand new app called Facebook Messenger. The Facebook Messenger app was launched in 2011 and already has 200 million users. Soon, you won’t be able to chat in the stand-alone Facebook app. I’m sure this is a feature many of you use often. And I’m sure many of you will download the new Messenger app without a second thought; however, here are seven things you should know before doing so.

Why the New Facebook Messenger App is Creepy!

1. Facebook can alter your connection to the Internet or mobile service service. This means that Facebook can turn on features of your smartphone for their own personal evil reasons (I added the evil part here – I’m sure they aren’t evil). 

2. Facebook can send SMS messages or phone numbers. This is not as scary as it sounds because you can call or text your Facebook friends from the app so you need to give them permission, however, if Facebook wanted to be evil and send evil things to your friends, they could.

3. Facebook can record audio, take pictures and take videos any time they like. This means the folks at Facebook can look through your camera lens any time they wish. Again, this isn’t too bad. If you take pictures using Facebook right now, you’ve already given them a lot of permission.

4. Facebook can read your smartphone contact data including who you call and email (and how often). They will use this information for personalized advertisements. You might notice this feature if you use Gmail. The ads are strangely tailored to write you write about in your emails.

5. Facebook can read and record personal profile information stored on your smartphone. They can see your addresses, pictures, personal info, etc.

6. Facebook will find out which apps you use and how often. It will also see how you use them and what information you store in those apps.

7. Facebook will recommend dinner ideas based on the pictures you take in Instagram. KIDDING!

What do you think about the new Facebook Messenger app? Will you download it? Or will you cry PRIVACY INVASION and delete Facebook from your phone. The important takeaway here is to study the privacy settings carefully and see if you are okay with them. If not, stay away from the app and chat inside the Facebook website. If you’re okay with it, download the new app and chat away.

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  • Sam, I am in my 2nd download of Messenger. Back when it was just being introduced, I tried it and didn’t like it. Knowing we will all be forced to use it, I downloaded it again a few weeks ago. They still need to tweak it a bit because it is a little irritating.

  • Jennifer

    Where can I find the privacy laws for Facebook and messenger?

    • noneya bidness


  • Wow, I wasn’t aware of all of this, Facebook is so powerful it’s pretty scary. The worst part is that Facebook has so much info it’s almost too late to turn back time.

  • Mike Kennedy

    But you are basically saying that without this we can eventually no longer chat with our Facebook contacts? I find it really hard to believe that they could take video or record sound as that would be an invasion of privacy.

    • noneya bidness

      Then you really need to read the app permissions. Because it’s true