Another Plus for Facebook for Lawyers and Law Firms

“It’s relationships built on trust that are the foundation of business development for you as a lawyer, whether you’re in a large law firm or on your own.” – Kevin O’Keefe

Kevin O’Keefe was my inspiration for joining the social media realm. I attended a webinar of his last year and the rest is history!

He recently wrote an article titled Facebook for lawyers: Wonderful relationship building medium for business development. You should definitely head over there and check it out.

I’ve had the Facebook debate with a number of professionals during the past month.  Some are 100% for it and others are 100% against it.  It seems there are no shades of gray here.  I’m still taken aback by the number of professionals who don’t “get it” but that’s why I’m here right?

I’m a big fan of using Facebook for business as long as what you post in your personal life won’t adversely affect you.  You know what type of pictures I’m talking about!

Kevin points out a number of good points:

  • Getting to know people in your Facebook network might lead to business. Your network probably includes people from your family, high school, university, etc.  The potential is always there.
  • He doesn’t accept Facebook friend requests unless he knows the person well. However he’ll accept LinkedIn requests from those who look to be a respectable business person.
  • He encourages us to look at the Internet as an opportunity to accelerate relationships and grow your word of mouth reputation. Facebook helps!
It’s good to point out that there are two options when it comes to advertising on Facebook.  You can use your own personal profile or create a page for your firm/business.  There are pro’s and con’s of each. 
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