Convert Your Facebook Profile into A Facebook Page

You can now change your personal Facebook profile into a business page transforming your friends into fans.  
Pages are meant for businesses, organizations, etc. and offer better features. Furthermore personal profiles are only meant to represent one person and anything else would be a violation of Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. I was guilty of having two Facebook profiles at one point. I thought I could use one personally and one professionally.  Thankfully a kind soul pointed out to me this was against Facebook policy and I might get my account deleted if I chose to continue on with both profiles. 
Should you choose to convert your profile to a page here’s what you need to know:

  • Your profile pictures and and all of your friends will be transferred to the new page. No other content (photo albums, your likes, profile information, etc.) will follow you. Please ensure you copy any content you’d like to save. You can download your Facebook information prior to the move as well. Learn how to do it here.
  • The account associated with the profile will become a business account which will admin the new page.  You can add other administrators to the page and you can administer other pages as well.
  • Business accounts are meant for those who administer pages and run ad campaigns. They have limited access to profiles.  Business accounts cannot be found in a search and can’t accept or send friend requests.
  • This change is permanent. Once you make the transition you can’t go back.
  • Users with under 100 friends can rename their page. If you have over 100 you’re stuck with your name.
This can be an especially useful tool for those people who started using Facebook for business and reached the 5000 friend limit. It also gives these users the chance to use many of the applications available for pages such as contests, landing pages, newsletter lists, JD Supra, etc. It’s also a lot easier to transform a profile into a page then ask everyone on your personal profile to “like” your new business page.
Should you decide to make the change here’s the instructions on how to do so.  Definitely think this decision through if you use Facebook primarily for personal reasons. You still have the option of creating a page for business uses and administering it from your personal profile.  
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