Facebook for lawyers and law firms continued…

I previously blogged about how law firms are using or not using Facebook in their legal marketing strategy. I posted discussions in various Linkedin groups and continue to get amazing feedback that I’d like to share with you.

A big thank you to Monique Terrell, Claire Chapman, Megan Lehman Fitts and Steve Devereux for asking great questions and posting great answers. Here is a brief recap of the discussion.

Some of the main concerns included:

  • What is the proper protocol on blending personal and professional Facebook accounts.
  • Some law firms deal in a particularly emotive area of law (family, criminal, etc.) and the possibility of members of the public with an axe to grind searching the firm out, leading to bad publicity or even concerns over physical safety.
  • Not having a proper social media policy in place resulting in mixed use.
  • Community pages being created without a firm even knowing (make sure you check!)
  • Privacy issues and the ability to moderate comments on your wall, etc.

The members of this group had great advice on how and why you should use facebook:

  • Many firms are based on referrals so a networking site such facebook can be beneficial and can also help to show the atmosphere of a firm.
  • What organizations need to understand is the conversation IS happening with or without you. The question is, are you going to contribute to the conversation or let someone else tell it for you. And this should be considered in both good and bad conversations. Participation is key not control, because you just don’t have it when it comes to social media.
  • “Let the fear go” it will only hold you back from the great opportunities that social and new media has to offer. Remember, its happening with or without you; So get out there make your voice heard.
  • Facebook profiles are personal and are not the property of any company. So, just know that employees/staff at organizations will have profiles and use them most often for personal conversations and generally not mandated by any company. This is where having a good social media policy comes into play and sharing the organizations position on social media.


  • Facebook.com/FBSafety (Official Page focusing on keeping users informed about issues regarding objectionable content, cyberbullying and security)
Photo cred: pshab

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