Facebook Pages – Are you a Collector or an Investor? More on Social Media Today’s Post

Social Media Today is in my top ten of favorite blogs. They discuss the pro’s and con’s of using social media and give blunt, honest opinions. I like that. One of their recent posts on Facebook Fan Pages caught my eye and I wanted to share a snippet with you:

“With the increasing focus on Facebook, the largest social media platform in the US, we’ve begun to see brands fall into two distinct camps – the collectors and the investors.

The collectors have entered social media enthusiastically with ambitions to amass a large following. They are interested in a formula to determine and achieve the right number of fans, and see this pursuit as a means in itself. They perceive fans as static and expect the value from volume. They shy away from interactions that extend beyond messaging the fans they’ve catalogued, and are cautious to communicate too often, or in the wrong way. They are concerned that their collection doesn’t grow when left to its own devices.

In contrast, the gains in social media come to brands who approach the social community as an investor. Investor brands cultivate the fans they have to grow a stronger portfolio. They recognize that just as two individual shares may hold a different value, so do two individual fans.

The most effective way to drive interactions on your Facebook page is by creating fresh and unique content. Your followers can start a discussion when they have an interesting topic to tackle. Don’t blast your network with self-promotional materials, but post content valuable to the community. Brands that try and build followers on Facebook via instant promotions and discounts are just eroding their brand equity and not really giving consumers a reason to purchase the brand other than price. Once you start down this path it’s hard to turn back.”

Take Away

  • Encourage comments and discussions.
  • Assign a professional from your firm to answer/ask questions. 
  • Monitor the people who like your page and see if they fit your target audience.
  • Don’t push out self promotional content 100% of the time

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