How to Add/Edit Employment Info on Personal Facebook Profiles

More and more lawyers are using Facebook for business development. Lawyers who use their personal profiles (not just their Facebook Business Pages) for periodic marketing have greater social media success. This is because people hire people they trust over logos they trust. A

I share media appearances and blog posts on my personal Facebook profile. My friends know exactly what I do for a living, and they’ve kindly referred work to me as a result.  I’ve learned to post occasionally as not everyone is intrigued by social media for lawyers. I also gear my posts towards any professional service industry 75% of the time.

If you’re using Facebook for marketing, you must add your law firm as your employment on Facebook. This allows Facebook connections to easily view your law firm business page when researching potential lawyers. About 90% of lawyers don’t do this step properly, here’s how to do it right.

How to Edit Your Facebook Personal Profile Employment Section

Step 1: Log into Facebook and go to the “About” page of your profile

Step 2: On the “Work and Education” tab, hover your mouse under your current place of employment (Congrats if you’ve already successfully added your firm, you’ll be able to tell when you click the firm name link in this part of your profile) and click “Edit your work” or + Add a workplace”.


Step 3: Click the + button and start typing in the name of your firm. Select the right firm page from the dropdown menu. It will be the one with the correct firm logo, not a generic Facebook icon. Remember, Facebook auto-creates pages based on Likes, where people check in and other factors, it’s very important to pick the right page.


Step 4: Add in your work details including position, city, description and length of employment.

Step 5: Adjust your employment info privacy settings. It can be set to public, friends, private and custom. If your firm website publicly publishes your work info, and your LinkedIn profile publicly displays your work info, Facebook should do likewise (my personal opinion).

Step 6: Click “Save changes”.

Video Instructions

I created this video just in case you’re more of a visual learner (like me). Contact me if you have questions.

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  • Hi, Sam. Thanks for the heads-up on adding Professional Skills. I just added some to my FB profile. By the way, if this is the 1st time a person adds a skill, they’ll have to hit the EDIT button on the Work and Education section in order to bring up the field for adding skills. Again, thanks for the post and the heads-up! -Ron

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  • Interesting move Facebook! I think someday, it will be a source to almost everything on the web.