Facebook Rolls Out Major News Feed Update

facebook newsfeed update

“All Your News is Now in One Place” -Facebook

Facebook rolled out an updated news feed interface this morning resulting in moans and groans being heard across the country.  We’ve been traumatized by numerous changes during the past two weeks and there are still more to come according to Facebook.
Today’s update includes an updated news feed which promises to show users stories that are both timely and relevant .  Facebook will post what it feels are “top stories” at the top of your page segregated by a blue triangle at the top left corner of the story. Users can assign or take away the importance of a story by clicking on the drop down box on the top right of the story. 
If your law firm has a Facebook page it’s important to consider how often you post and what you post on a daily basis.  Users can quickly dismiss your content as irrelevant literally banishing you from their newsfeed.  Make sure you post content that is not seen as “spammy” and don’t post more than once or twice a day.  Monitor which posts are shared often and try and replicate those.
A real-time ticker is displayed on the right side of your screen above the chat interface.  All user activity is paraded before you – photo comments, shared links, uploaded photos, etc. Pictures are also displayed a tad larger.  Should you decide to click on a particular activity, a second column appears to the left of the ticker showing an expanded view of further activity.  You are not directed to a new screen hence keeping you on the main page as Facebook prefers.
Mark Zuckerberg has labeled this transition time as the social network’s “launch season”.  With competitor Google + in the background I wonder what other changes we can expect. What do you think of the new interface? What changes might we see in the future?


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