Facebook Upgrades the Like Button

Get ready because Facebook has rolled out yet another change. These guys keep me busy! Now when you like an article online, a full story complete with headline and picture will appear on your wall. And for those of you who like to comment don’t worry you’re also given the opportunity to do so. Prior to this change only a link appeared in your activity section and this usually went unnoticed.
Lawyers who use Facebook both professionally and personally should note their “like” preferences accordingly. What you like will be shared with your entire network and will be prominently displayed on your profile.  
This can definitely work in your favor as you can share articles you think your clients, potential clients, referral sources, etc. would benefit from reading, and add your own spin by commenting.
Lawyers who use the “Share” button on their websites or personal blogs should replace it with the Like button.  Facebook will continue to support the Share button but will not be developing it any further. 
So go ahead and “like” away. Just make sure you don’t mind sharing with your entire Facebook network!

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