Facebook’s Questions Application – Is there potential?

Facebook is slowly releasing a new application called Questions.
The Social Blog mentions: “About 1 percent of Facebook users will have early beta access to Facebook Questions, and it will be gradually rolled out to the rest of Facebook’s 500-million-plus active users after that.”

Notable features include:

  • Users can ask for recommendations, advice and opinions on any subject.
  • Questions will be displayed in the Questions dashboard or the news feed of the author’s friends, friends of friends, and people who like things related to a question’s tags.
  • All Questions are public.
  • Users will vote if answers are helpful or not and useful answers will be prominently displayed.
Features most beneficial to lawyers:
  • Facebook will auto-generate topic tags and users can add their own tags manually too.
  • Relevant tagged questions and answers will end up on the corresponding community page.
  • Users who create top voted questions and answers may be asked to become community moderators to help guide the application’s users towards best practices.

Do you see the potential here for law firms and lawyers?

  • The ability to scan facebook for users asking questions relating to practice area.
  • Lawyers can “like” things strategically and receive all the questions with related tags.
  • Questions will populate a law firm’s community page with relevant information.
  • The ability to join in on the conversation with potential clients, clients and referral sources, perhaps even becoming the moderator of a community page.
What are your thoughts on lawyers using this new application?
Photo cred: OnlyByGrace

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