How To Create Hover Text Over Your Facebook Cover Photo

This post will show you how to create and add hover text that will appear over your Facebook Page’s cover photo when users mouse over it.

I don’t mean to toot my own horn (yes, I just said that), but it’s very rare for me to find useful Facebook tips that I don’t already know; I pride myself on staying ahead of the Facebook curve so to say. I think this is a great feature as you can add any text you like.

You can add quite a lot of hover tex; the limit is somewhere around 250 characters. Adding the text is absolutely necessary. If you don’t do it, the words “cover photo” will appear when someone hovers over the cover photo.

How To Create Hover Text Over Your Facebook Cover Photo

1. Add a cover photo to your Facebook Business Page. I use Canva to create all my social media cover photos, check it out.

2. Click the cover photo and add the hover text you’d like to appear in the description section. Yes, it’s really that easy.

Facebook Page Cover Photo Hover Text Ideas

  • Be funny. Add an interesting fact about your business
  • Tell your readers that they found secret text and share a funny tidbit about your business
  • Keep it professional and add a brief summary of your firm along with contact information

What hover text are you going to add to your Facebook Cover Photo? Please leave links to your Facebook Page after you’ve added hover text in the comment section below. I’d love to see what you wrote!

Side note: I found this tip on the social media reddit page. It is a great place to visit for blog post inspiration. You can search reddit for all types of information similar to Google and it tends to be more interesting. I found the following practice area subreddits you might be interested in.

Practice Area Subreddits

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