How to Gain Access to Your Firm’s Facebook Community Page

These instructions will show you how to take ownership of your law firm’s Facebook “Community Page” (FCP). Once completed, you will become the “admin” of the firm’s Facebook Business Page (FBP). You’ll be able to:

  • Categorize your page properly
  • Create a vanity URL
  • Change the name of the page if needed
  • Control the content.
  • Administer the page properly including granting access to other people, set up advertising campaigns, create events including Facebook Live shows, and much more.

Estimated Time to Complete: 10 – 20 Minutes. Please note this process is essentially a request to Facebook so they may take awhile to respond. They usually give you access right away but sometimes it’s taken a few weeks.

What You’ll Need: Information to verify your relationship to the law firm, such as a business phone number, business email or documents.

Experience Needed: Beginner (No experience needed).

To Claim Your Firm’s Facebook Community Page

  1. Go to the FCP and click “Is this your business?” below the cover photo
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions



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