Improved Facebook Pages Analytics – What Lawyers/Law firms Need to Know

Prior to November 23, 2010, Facebook offered expanded analytics to pages with over ten thousand fans.
 Not anymore! Here’s what you need to know if you’re a page administrator:
  • See impressions for each post on your page
  • Check out the feedback rate, how often people “like” your page and how often the post is interacted with.
  • Monthly active users (also known as MAUs) are now calculated on how often users see your post. Prior to this users were calculated based on how often they “liked” or commented.  Showing up in a users news feed will increase these numbers.
  • Just to be clear, impressions relate to how many times your post was presented in a news feed, not how many unique users have checked it out.
  • Feedback relates to how often your post was interacted with.

The plus here is you can see the analytics from your page instead of heading on over to the insights area. I’m not exactly certain how the feedback percentage is calculated but I’m working on it. What do you think of these new features? Will they help you out in any way?
Look forward to hearing from you.

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  • Tim Baran

    Very useful post, Samantha! Regarding "Just to be clear, impressions relate to how many times your post was presented in a news feed, not how many unique users have checked it out." — if a page posts twice a day and have 200 fans, then impressions will be 400 a day, yes? Does that mean that anything less indicates that a number of fans have hidden that particular page from appearing in their news feed?

  • Elizabeth Hammer

    To Tim,
    Remember that impressions aren't necessarily that simple. From what I understand, not all posts show up in all News Feeds of all your fans because new posts are ranked for each person's feed based on how often they interact with that person or page and how popular any given post is (based on likes and comments). So if you have 200 fans and post twice a day, you may have only 50 impressions if your fans aren't frequently interacting with your page.

  • Tim Baran

    Elizabeth, thank you so much for that insight. I've had an FB Page for about a year or so for my entrepreneurial venture and decided early on that I wasn't going to spend too much time on the analytics/back-end stuff and instead concentrate on posting (once or twice a day. 3 times max) and engaging. Who has the time, with Twitter, blogs, etc? So posts and comments like this really help. Thanks, again!

  • Samantha Collier

    Thanks for the excellent information Elizabeth, and thanks Tim for the great question. You know more than me!