Lawyer/In-house Counsel Social Media Use Statistics

This will be a short and sweet blog post to share some very interesting statistics in favor of social media use by lawyers/law firms. Nancy Myrland shared the numbers during the LMA Midwest Regional Conference in Minneapolis and Larry Bodine blogged about it here (Please note GALMZ stands for Greentarget, American Lawyer & Zeughauser Study.)

  • JD Supra: On LinkedIn, 800,000 have law or legal in their profile.
  • Hubbard One: On LinkedIn, 3% are lawyers = 2,250,000 lawyers.
  • 53% of in-house counsel expect their consumption of industry news and information via new media will increase in the next 6-12 months. (GALMZ)
  • For professional use, in-house counsel use LinkedIn, Blogs and Wikipedia. (GALMZ)
  • An increasing number of in-house counsel want info on their PDAs and Smart Phones. (GALMZ)
  • For personal use, in-house counsel like Facebook, Wikipedia, YouTube. (GALMZ)
  • 43% of in-house counsel cited blogs are their leading source for news. (GALMZ)
  • 26% cited they use Social Networking sites. (GALMZ)
  • 50% of in-house counsel use LinkedIn. (GALMZ)
  • 68% of in-house counsel are on Facebook. (GALMZ)
  • 81 of AmLaw 100 are using Twitter. (GALMZ)
  • 38 of AmLaw 100 are blogging. (LexBlog)
  • 96 of AmLaw 200 are blogging. (LexBlog)
  • Every AmLaw 200 firm company profile on LinkedIn by default. (Apollo)
  • 5,000 law firms has business profiles on LinkedIn. (Apollo)
  • 4,000 LinkedIn groups with the word Law. (Apollo)
  • 31 of AmLaw 100 have Pages on Facebook. (John Byrne)
  • Lawyers primary reasons for use: Networking, Socializing, Client Development, Career Development, Case Investigation (ABA)

Larry Bodine also mentioned

“during the presentation yesterday, when she took an informal poll of users of different Social Media, when asked which firms had Facebook Pages, half the room raised their hands.”

I’m very happy to see these statistics. Social Media is proving to be a useful tool along with traditional marketing methods.

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  • Nancy Myrland

    Samantha, thank you very much for this post. I try to collect and study these studies that show use inside and outside of law firms, so I'm happy they are useful to others.

    Thanks again for your kindness and mentions!

  • Samantha Collier

    You are most welcome Nancy! I'm very happy with these numbers and I'm very glad you shared them. Another + to me.

  • Michael Stanisci

    Samantha, thank you for sharing. Nancy, I cannot applaud you enough for gathering these materials. I've actually leveraged them all day for talking points with some of my firms who STILL had a difficult time wrapping their heads around the importance of social media as a compliment to their current efforts. Thank you both so much!

  • Trip

    Samantha, I did some research on the AmLaw blogs, thought I would share these numbers with your followers.

    Number of firms with Blogs – 38
    Number of blogs – 135
    Number of Active blogs (posted in Sept) – 86

    I broke these numbers down a little more, there are 10 firms (KL Gates, Reed, Wilmer, Proskauer, Hunton, Alston, Litler, Shepard, Dorsey, Faegre) who represent the majority of the blogs with 94 between the each of them (or about 70% of the all AmLaw 100 blogs).


  • Samantha Collier


    Isn't Nancy great? It must have been a lot of work to compile these numbers. I'm glad she did. It's proof many firms are integrating social media into their marketing plans.


    Thanks for posting your research into the AmLaw Blogs. This is great news!