New Facebook Profiles – What You Need to Know

Facebook has once again changed the look and feel of personal Facebook pages. Read the announcement and activate your new profile here.


  • New personal summary section.  Displays your home city, current city, birthday, profession, languages you speak, etc.
  • Your tagged photo’s are displayed directly under your summary.  Note your privacy settings remain the same.  You can easily hide photo’s by clicking the “x” when you roll over.
  • Easily update your status and post pictures and links underneath your tagged pictures.
  • Navigate your info, wall, photo’s, friends and notes in one central place.
  • Revamped Info section where you can prominently display your interests as well as other information.
Take a look at my updated profile below to see how the new Facebook looks.  What do you think?  Do you like the changes? So far I think it’s no big deal.  

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  • Nancy Myrland

    Hi Samantha: I like being able to go to someone's Profile, then look at the top to instantly get a mini-bio about that person. Call me inquisitive, but I enjoy discovering where people are from, where they currently live, and their professional information. The new layout makes it quick and easy. I also love pictures, so seeing a few photos at the top might end up being interesting.

  • Samantha Collier

    Thanks for the comment Nancy. Your input is always appreciated 🙂

    So far I'm really liking the new layout. It's very clean and easy to navigate.