The Art of Engagement for Facebook

Facebook Engagement for lawyers is one of my favorite conversations to have.  I love taking on the nay-sayers and proving it can be useful.

Most professionals “get it” now. Facebook works. It’s how you do it that counts.  Don’t expect new clients to come pouring in just because you created a Facebook page and updated your status a couple times a day.

You need to master the art of engagement. This requires work, research and time.

This can be especially difficult when it comes to law. Most firms are viewed as trusted advisors in a serious subject matter.  We can’t offer contests or giveaways the same way Starbucks can.

The trick is to provide useful content relating to your practice area so when the need arises your name pops up automatically.  Educate rather than market.

Six Tips on How to Engage via the Facebook Wall

  • Help your fans give back.  I just read about this on Mashable (inspiration for this post thank you!).  Last Christmas a local law firm donated $5 to the food bank for every new fan they received. Make sure you have a well designed landing page should you decide to do this. 
  • Listen to your fans. Respond to every comment in a timely manner.  Most law firm Facebook pages don’t get that many comments so cherish these!  I’d respond to “likes” too. 
  • “Like” other Pages and Comment too.  Does your firm attend large annual conferences? If so, look for organizations Facebook page and post away! Our firm attends the Bio International Convention and their FB page already has 813 likes.  Most organizations you deal with will have a page. Look for ways to interact with them.  If you comment on their pages they are more likely to reciprocate too!
  • Be CNN. Think of yourself as CNN for your practice area.  I’ve done this with social media and it works.  Post the news first and people will follow you to keep up to date.  This requires a little work but it pays off in the end. 
  • Publicly thank your loyal fans. They’ll appreciate the recognition. 
  • Ask Questions and take Polls.  This can be an incredibly useful tool as fans can forward the questions to users that don’t like your page (yet).  Use the results in a blog post and thank the people who answered. 
Make sure you track your successes.  Keep up with it.  Remember, out of sight is out of mind.
How many of you are using Facebook for business? And how is it working for you? Do you have any other tactics for Facebook engagement? I’d love to know!

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