The Case For Law Firm Facebook Pages

I’m currently working on a 2016 Canadian Law Firm Social Media Report. Tonight was dedicated to analyzing Canadian law firm Facebook Business Pages.

Over 50% of the firms I surveyed didn’t have Facebook Business Pages. To be honest, I’m shocked. In 2016, I thought most firms understood the value of having a presence on Facebook.

Law Firm Facebook Pages Controlled by the “Facebook Community”

Some of the missing firms have Facebook Community Pages.

This type of page is created by Facebook and managed by the “Facebook Community”. The page info is populated by what Facebook Users are posting about the firm online. In other words, the firm has no control over what’s being said. 

Any Facebook user can try and claim the community page and turn it into an official Facebook Business Page. That’s worrisome for multiple reasons – advertising guidelines, reputation management, etc.

Facebook has a verification method but it’s not 100%:

canadian law firm facebook page

I also found a number of official Facebook Business Pages that hadn’t been posted on since 2013. It’s better to have no social media presence than to have an out-dated one. My advice: Un-publish your page until you’re ready to post regular status updates. Facebook users will assume you’re out of business or unprofessional if your page looks like ghost town.

Here’s Why Every Firm MUST be on Facebook

  1. Your competitors are using it.
  2. You run the chance of looking “unprofessional” without even knowing it.

Think about this example. Bob asks for a referral from Steve for a corporate lawyer. Steve recommends two great firms – Firm A and Firm B.

  • Firm A has a professional Facebook Page sharing firm news, useful info, charity function albums, etc.
  • Firm B has an unclaimed community page that’s incorrectly categorized as a jewelry store (I’ve seen it happen) with negative posts from unhappy past clients.

Who is Bob going to pick? And don’t assume Bob won’t look on Facebook… what’s the first thing everyone does when they get business suggestions? They GOOGLE them and Facebook has a funny way of showing up first in search results. I have a folder full of screenshots of my desktop of people asking for lawyer referrals on Facebook, it happens all the time.

Even if you “don’t care about social media” or you’re insanely wealthy and “don’t need the work”, having a professional (and correct) online presence is important. The absence of a profile doesn’t cut it anymore. 

If you don’t have a Facebook Page for your firm yet, stop reading this post and look for your firm on Facebook. If you find a Community Page, read my previous post about how to claim it. If you don’t find a Community Page, look at your competitors and see what they’re doing.

Research law firm Facebook strategies online and weigh the pros and cons, I’m 98% sure you’ll be convinced. I could write volumes more about the benefits of having a page but that’s what Google is for.

Need more convincing?


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