How to Make a Profitable Law Firm Facebook Page

If you’re in charge of your law firm’s Facebook page, you’ve come to the right place.

This post describes how to create a Facebook Business Page for your firm.

I’m not going in-depth on strategy/fine details as that’s the part of law firm social media that takes time, creative thought and firm business objective info. If you have questions about the services I offer, including Facebook strategy, contact me here. I’m happy to answer all of your questions.

What You’ll Need

  • Approval from the firm to create the page.
  • Decide who will manage your firm’s Facebook Page from their personal Facebook account. You should add a few more people as well just in case someone gets locked out. Read up on Facebook Page Administration. Your page will become a large time investment and a business asset – you should trust the person who’s administering the page as they can easily delete it. I’ll write more about this in another post.
  • Law firm short description
  • Law firm long(er) description
  • Address, phone number, email and website info.
  • Firm founding date, award and recognition data, etc. You’ll also need to decide what you’ll put in for work hours. I suggest you pick “Always open” and leave price information at “unspecified”. Skip the “Impressum” section.
  • Graphics: You’ll need to make a Facebook Page cover photo and Facebook Page profile picture. Use Canva as they offer free templates and it’s easy to use. Create your graphics before making your new Facebook page.

How Long It Will Take

  • 1 hour

How To Make Your Firm’s Facebook Business Page

  1. Log in to your personal Facebook Account and click “Create a page”. You’ll find it on the mid-left side of your newsfeed page.
  2. Fill in your firm’s business category which will be “lawyer”. Facebook didn’t have a “lawyer” option for a long time – happy they do now! You might get to choose a few other categories so do that if you can. For example, family lawyers can also choose “family lawyer”.
  3. If asked, select “local business” for business type.
  4. Add all your “about” details. This information will be displayed on the About tab of your new page. Click here for an example. Fill it out completely. 90% of law firms don’t have complete contact info – I’m determined to fix that.
  5. Upload your cover photo and profile picture.
  6. Add the new page to your “favourites” section on Facebook so it’s easy to find and manage.
  7. Decide which apps you’re going to use. I suggest you add Twitter and Instagram if you use them. There are a ton of great Facebook apps for your new page, research them thoroughly. For example, if you use mailchimp for your newsletter, they have an app so people can subscribe via Facebook.

You’re Done!

Here’s what your firm’s About page should look like. I created this for Feldstein Family Law Group.



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