Voice Chat on Facebook – Good for the Legal Industry?

Put away your cell phones! Sign out of Skype and MSN! You might be able to voice chat over Facebook soon. A few lucky users are testing out the new voice chat feature according to Inside Facebook.
The Chat button would sit along side the Chat, Message, and Poke buttons on your friends profiles.
The article referenced this could be the result of Facebook’s collaboration with Skype but no Skype branding appeared in the test. It could also be an in-house project as Facebook was hiring for a Network Engineer – Voice recently.
It would be neat if the voice chat function could be utilized by Facebook pages and groups. 
I’m on the fence if this new feature could actually benefit legal marketing in any way.  There might be an increase in “cold calls” via the chat but I’m not sure what kind of leads these would be.  An employee would also have to be available to answer the calls.  If the chat was available in groups it could be beneficial to have FB Chats on various practice areas, etc.
What are your thoughts on this? Do you think this new feature can help out legal marketing in any way? Or will it just be another useless feature?
 I bet video chat will be next!

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