Wondering Who to Invite to Your Event? Ask Facebook.

law firms can hold events via Facebook

According to the Inside Facebook blog, Facebook is now testing out a “suggested guests” module on events. The suggested guests appear in a column on the right hand side of the page along with an invite button.  Facebook formulates these suggestions based on relevant interests and mutual friends attending.

Overall, “suggested guests” will increase relevant attendance and increase awareness of events you wish to publicize on Facebook. For example, a Facebook event page for a legal industry conference on family law may suggest friends who have an interest in family law go together.  This is more likely to happen if users can see why a person is being is suggested, currently the beta test does not display any context as to why the person is being suggested.
For this feature to work efficiently, Facebook users will have to accurately describe their interests in the relevant area on their profile pages.  It’s important you add your “work interests” as well.
Facebook also offers “suggested events” and is testing out a “Make Plans” option.  Soon we won’t have to make any of our own decisions! We can leave it all up to Facebook!

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