Are Google+ Pages a Big Waste of Time for Law Firms?

google plus for law firms

We all know about Google+, the social network created by the smart folks at Google.  There’s a lot of debate going on if it will overtake Facebook or not.  My answer to that question is simple –  who cares! It’s good for Facebook to have some healthy competition but in the long run I only care about one thing – are my potential using it. If so, I’ll open an account. If not, I won’t. It’s pretty easy.

I sat on the fence for a long time when it came to Google+. When it first came I out I practically bribed someone to get a beta invite on the first day. (Yes, I am a little obsessed when it comes to social media).  It was interesting to inspect a new platform and try out all the functions and features.  Hangouts are neat video chats with up to ten participants.  You organize your friends with circles that makes sharing easy and efficient.  Overall, it has a clean simple interface that is easy to use and get used too.
To date Google+ has over 40 million members. That’s almost one third of LinkedIn’s 135 million users which is impressive because LinkedIn launched in May, 2003.  Facebook currently has over 800 million members so Google+ still has a long way to go.  
Google+ launched Google+ Pages for businesses on November 7th, 2011. I’ve been asked numerous times if I think law firms should create Business Pages and my answer is yes for these reasons.
  • Google can’t verify brands which opens the possibility someone else might claim to be you or your firm. There isn’t a clear means for Google to distinguish similar brands so if your firm has a common name you should take action to claim your name.
  • Hold interoffice meetings, client meetings, etc. using Google+ hangouts. You can have up to ten participants and I’m sure you can come up with some creative ideas and topics.
  • Share newsletters, blog posts, content, etc. with various targeted circles easily.
  • Create “Content Circles” specific to one practice area and hold weekly discussions.
  • Creating a Google Business Page may help with your firm’s SEO although there’s been some debate.  It doesn’t hurt to try.  Make sure you create a baseline first prior to opening an account to see how it pans out.

Will you be creating a Google+ Page for your law firm? Why or why not? Do you think they are a complete waste of time? I look forward to hearing from you in the comments below!

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