5 Social Media Mistakes That Make You Look Dumb

Everybody knows social media is here to stay, especially when it comes to increasing the exposure of your legal practice online. It’s also a great way to gather business development data about your clients and competitors. Finally, social media is a great way to show off your firm’s culture and unique style. It’s no longer an option to use social media, it’s a must, and your target clients are demanding it. If you’re new to the social media sphere, here are five social media mistakes that make you look dumb.

1. Not Sharing Your Personality

Are you obsessed with Narcos? Do you attend the World Beard and Moustache Championships? Don’t be shy when it comes to sharing your personality online quirks and all. The last thing we need is another passionate social media enthusiast. Post about your favourite pastimes, life events, etc. and you’ll connect with potential clients.

2. Not Sharing Your Opinion

Don’t be afraid to have an opinion on any subject – who are you voting for? What’s your take on the latest scandal/news item? Feeling comfortable doing this can take time, but keep at it and your social media audience will thank you. Remember, if you’re representing your firm’s social media account (not an individual lawyer), you’ll need to check your firm’s social media policy.

social media mistake3. Don’t Ghost AKA Disappear

Social media is a long term strategy. I loathe seeing Twitter accounts that haven’t tweeted since 2013. It’s better to have no social media presence than a lacking one. If you stop posting regularly online, your followers will wonder what’s going on. They’ll unlike, unfollow and unfriend and move on to the next firm. Create a social media routine and stick to it. Most professionals get excited about social media when they “get it” and want to spend hours online – resit the urge!

4. Mind Your Spelling and Grammar

This is one of my biggest pet peeves in life (and I know I’m guilty of it as well). If grammar isn’t your strong point, have someone else read over your social media posts first. Making stupid mistakes makes you look… well, you know. Read up on social media lingo as online communications aren’t formal.

5. Don’t Talk About Yourself 24/7

You know those annoying people that love to talk about themselves all the time? They love to tell you about their latest accomplishment, car, house, job, etc.? Don’t do that. Ask other people how they’re doing and share info they’ll be interested in. You’ll be surprised at the personal connections you make.

Social media is traditional media done online. How do you network in person? Do the same thing on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. These five mistakes above are the wrong way to use social media. They’ll make you look conceited, carless and boring.

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