How to Integrate Microsoft Office with LinkedIn Like the Pro’s Do

Do you use Microsoft Outlook for email communication at your law firm? If so, and I’m 99% sure you do, did you know you can integrate your LinkedIn profile with Microsoft Outlook? This feature has actually been around since February, 2010 but I rarely see lawyers or legal marketers utilizing it as much as they should.

Why sync LinkedIn with Outlook?

First of all, as soon as your Outlook and LinkedIn accounts are connected, Outlook will start importing data from your LinkedIn network.  Each time you receive an email, you’ll see if the sender has a LinkedIn profile and if you’re connected.  If so, their LinkedIn information including their picture and title will be displayed in a panel below their email.

You can also see what articles they’re reading, who they are connected with and when they’ve updated their profile.  This is all done without leaving Microsoft Outlook.  This is important because if you see that one of your connections has an update that interests you, you can respond right away.  Maybe you can congratulate them on a job promotion, comment on a status update, etc. You get the picture. 

Your LinkedIn connections will appear in a separate folder under the “My Contacts” heading in Outlook.  You’ll have access to their email address from here as well. This can be quite useful as contact information changes quite often.

If you receive an email from a contact that you’re not connected with on LinkedIn, you’ll see a plus sign.  From here, you can directly add them to your LinkedIn network. This is a simple way to make your LinkedIn profile work for you a bit more.

Will you be upgrading to Microsoft Office 2013?  If so, you’re one of the lucky ones! I know most law firms tend to be a bit “behind” when it comes to upgrading.  However, if you are one of the lucky few that get the upgrade, you’ll be happy to know that you won’t have to download anything to sync your LinkedIn profile with Outlook.  According to the LinkedIn blog, Microsoft 2013 will come with one-click LinkedIn integration.

Make sure you LinkedIn profile is up-to-date to take advantage of everything LinkedIn has to offer.  Check out my previous post,

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