Lawyers & Law Firms: How To Create An Editorial Calendar

law firm editorial calendar

This post about editorial calendars (and their importance) is designed for legal marketers and lawyers. My goal is to bring you up to speed on how this process can help simplify your online publishing schedule.

Most legal professionals do not come from a publishing background. Yes, they write articles, books, papers, etc. but they don’t have experience organizing the process by which we post and distribute content. Hopefully I can help! Editorial calendars will ensure you have regular content to post to your website, Facebook page, Twitter, email newsletter, blog, etc. They will also help ensure the right content is posted to the right channel.

Content Strategy

Determine your goals for each social media channel. Who are you trying to reach? What type of voice are you going to use? Facebook and Twitter require a more personable voice. Your website needs a professional tone. Pick social networks where your readers gather. Write content your clients want to read. Educate your readers rather than “sell”.

Forms of Content

Determine what types of content you will publish: articles, webinars, vlogs (video blogs), blogs, how-to’s, FAQ’s, etc. Use Google Analytics or Get Clicky to track the popularity of each. You’ll also notice which types of content you enjoy publishing – stick with these. Follow the news and become the go-to person for everything related to your practice area.

Tip: Try and publish content that engages with your readers – this is gold.


Create a list of what to publish and determine the time period – daily, weekly, monthly, etc. I’m currently working on creating a weekly schedule. My goal is to post tips on Mondays, profile a firm’s social media strategy on Wednesday and a roundup post on Friday. My editorial calendar includes these details. Write your content based on this schedule and publish accordingly. Make sure you cushion your content by writing 2-5 times your publication frequency. Should you be creating an editorial calendar for a group blog you will have to add a number of steps including:

  • Assigning who is responsible for what content
  • Determining who will review and approve content
  • Determining who will publish content
  • Decide who will moderate comments and engagement


Use software such as Tweetdeck or Hootsuite to schedule posts for Twitter and your Facebook Page. It’s important to monitor these accounts so you respond to “@ replies” as they appear. Scheduling posts helps but you need to engage with your readers. It’s not just “set and forget”.

Schedule your blog posts in WordPress or Blogger ahead of time if your article isn’t too timely. Create your editorial calendar using Google Calendars, Outlook or Microsoft Word. Publish it month by month.

Creating an editorial calendar will simplify your social media publishing life. You will begin to enjoy writing rather than drag your feet! Do you use an editorial calendar? How has it helped?

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