Is SnapChat a Waste of Time for Lawyers?

Is Snapchat an effective social media platform for legal marketing? How is it different than other social networks? As a social media specialist for lawyers, I advise my clients about the pros and cons of each network. My interview with social media’s leading lawyer, Mitch Jackson, should help you decide if Snapchat is right for you. 

SnapChat Facts for Lawyers

  • SnapChat has over 150 million active users per day. They recently surpassed Twitter for daily active users.
  • Snapchat users watch 10 million videos per day according to data collected in May, 2016
  • SnapChat users engage with short videos and pictures. Pictures and videos can be enhanced using various filters.

SnapChat Tips for Lawyers

  • Lawyers should use SnapChat to tell short stories about themselves. As you know, lawyers can come across cold and/or unapproachable and SnapChat humanizes them. Potential clients might feel more comfortable contacting lawyers when they see they’re “just like them”.
  • Lawyers should personalize their videos and pictures with text, filters and emojis. 
  • Make sure your “snaps” match your firm’s branding.
  • The secret to SnapChat success is to be yourself. Show your personality and express your opinion. Nobody wants to watch a boring lawyer (unless that’s truly your personality).
  • Always adhere to advertising guidelines. Check your state bar or law society for further information.

About Mitch Jackson

Mitch Jackson is an award winning California Trial Lawyer and in 2013 was named one of California’s Litigation Lawyers of the Year. In 2009 he was also recognized as one of Orange County’s Trial Lawyers of the Year. When he’s not in court trying cases, Mitch enjoys showing professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs how to use social media and live streaming to disrupt, hack and improve their professional relationships, businesses and practices. Connect with Mitch on Twitter @MitchJackson and at his law firm His daily live streams are shared at Streaming. Lawyer and his popular weekly talk show is

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  • Looking forward to showing new and existing users the basics and some of the advanced “pro” features of Snapchat. More specifically, how I use Snapchat at the law firm to expand my sphere of influence, create new relationships/referral sources and bring in new cases. This is going to be fun!

    • @activesuccess:disqus – Thanks for stopping by and a huge thanks for agreeing to do the blab on snapchat for lawyers. I have a feeling you’re going to “turn” a lot of professionals 🙂

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