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law firms who get social media

Every Wednesday I profile a law firm that gets social media. Today the prize goes to mega-firm DLA Piper with offices all over the globe.


DLA Piper’s website still includes elements of a traditional law firm website with headings such as Press Releases, Legal Insights, etc. Their social media accounts are displayed along the bottom right of the page and include Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Flickr and YouTube.  Last week my friends Tim Baran and Carolyn Elefant pointed out it’s only a good idea to link to your social media accounts if your accounts are up to date.  This is extremely important. DLA Piper is also the only firm out of all the top AmLaw 200 that uses Flickr.  Their blog list isn’t included on their homepage – I would recommend they do this.


The DLA Piper Twitter account is going strong with 4,933 followers the last time I checked.  They tweet often, use hashtags, respond to questions and don’t self promote all day long.  They also retweet other content which is important.  Their page is branded and they replaced the infamous egg logo with the DLA Piper logo. It’s important to keep your account current and up-to-date.  You’d be surprised how many big law firms have reserved their names but don’t have any tweets and/or protect their tweets.


The DLA Piper Facebook page is a flurry of information.  They effectively use photo albums, promote blog posts, allow comments and encourage discussion.  You can also tell from their URL shortner that they use Hootsuite to share content through their social networks.  DLA Piper also has separate Facebook pages for HR, graduates, blogs and different countries.  The only advice I’d give them is to create a landing page to greet new non-fans and encourage them to “like” the page.  They currently have 517 likes.


The DLA Piper YouTube channel is branded in their signature blue and has 21 subscribers to date.  The channel has had 5,288 views (very few by YouTube standards) and they joined in April, 2010.  I think it’s great they are incorporating video into their social media strategy and look forward to see more law firms doing this in the future.


I was pretty shocked to see a Flickr icon along with their other social media accounts.  Their account is full of interesting photo albums and they’ve also upgraded to a Pro account which allows massive amounts of storage, analytics and ad-free browsing and sharing.  The cost is $24.95 per month.  Their pictures are mostly client events and charities.


The DLA Piper company page on LinkedIn has more than 7,420 followers and they are taking advantage of the new “status update” feature for company pages.  They also include a feed of their blog posts, mentions in the news, activity on LinkedIn and much more.

Here are links to DLA Piper’s social media information:


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