How Social Media Builds Your Reputation

I was recently interviewed by The Globe and Mail about smartphone apps that match lawyers with clients. Back in 2012, the same paper published my comments regarding how law firms were beginning to get involved in social media.

Journalists ask for my opinion on law firm social media matters because of my online reputation. I built my presence by penning this blog, speaking at conferences, staying on top of the news, hosting webinars, guest posting on other blogs and, most importantly, routinely posting on social media. My favourite networks are Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus. 

I’ve travelled the world and met hundreds of people through social media. One of my fondest memories was hosting a tweet-up in San Francisco during an IP conference where I actually got to meet the people I socialized with online. In other words, my social media activities built my reputation as an expert in this field and opened doors.

There’s no secret to social media success. It takes time, dedication and hard work. You can’t buy it or take shortcuts either. Use social media to play up your positives and engage with your followers and potential clients. Get interested in what people have to say and answer questions.

Post interesting content and breaking news in your industry to build your reputation. Someone once told me to become the “CNN” of everything related to your business. People will come to you when they need your service because they’ve seen something you posted awhile back.

All in all, I’m telling you this because social media has the power to make (or break) your reputation. Use it wisely and it will pay off!


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