How Some In-House Counsel Use Online Directories When Vetting Referrals

LexisNexis conducted an online study on how in-house legal professionals vet referrals. Thanks to Stephen Fairley over at The Rainmaker Blog for bring this to my attention via his recent blog post of April 19, 2011.  You should definitely subscribe to his blog for all the latest info and good tips.
You can find the full report here.  The research was done by BTI Consulting and took place from December 2010 – January 2011.  The main objective was to better understand legal departments’ use of online directories when researching counsel.  The report mentions 570 legal decision makers took part in this study.  
Interesting Points

  • 77.1% used a legal directory or online lawyer profile to validate the credentials of a referral.
  • 80.8% used an online lawyer profile to identify attorneys in unfamiliar jurisdictions or areas of expertise when a referral is unavailable.  
  • Absence from a legal directory hinders up to 51.4% of clients from hiring a law firm
  • Martindale-Hubbell and LinkedIn are the most frequently used resources overall, for any reason.

The report includes very details charts and information that you might find interesting.  Referrals are still number one but it’s important to note how they are backed up online.  Or how the absence of an online profile might affect your presence.  
If you don’t have an online profile, or haven’t joined an online directory, don’t do so just because of the report.  Read it through and do some research regarding if your clients/potential clients/referral sources use these tools to find attorneys.  

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