How To Share Nude Photos on the Internet: Lessons for Lawyers

It’s not even surprising anymore. Another batch of nude celebrity shots have hit the Internet according to the Business Insider. The actresses include Cara Delevingne (have no idea who that is!), Anna Kendrick and, of course, Jennifer Lawrence.

The pictures appeared on Reddit and 4chan. Reddit is a social networking site where members can submit content (text, links, pictures, etc.). Members can vote submissions down or up to organize the posts into their position on the website. 4chan is a image-based website where anyone can post comments and share images.

How to Keep Naked Pictures Off the Internet

Don’t take any naked pictures. It’s the only 100% effective solution. If you do take naked pictures, don’t share them online. You can put them on your hard drive (encrypted). Remember, if you have an iPhone, simply deleting the photo from your phone isn’t enough. Google automatic syncing.

If you don’t mind everyone seeing your bits and pieces, feel free to take pictures and share away.

Here’s my question to you. Do you take naked pictures and share them online? If so, are you worried about their privacy?

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    The pictures showed up on Stumbleupon and 4chan. Stumbleupon is a social media site where associates can publish content (text, links, pictures, etc.). Members are able to elect distribution down or up to arrange the content into their position on the web page. 4chan is a image-based web page where anyone can post feedback and share pictures.

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