Advanced LinkedIn Tips for Lawyers from the Law & Social Networking Group on LinkedIn

I help Nils Montan run the Law & Social Networking group over on LinkedIn. I highly recommend joining the group if you like engaging conversation and keeping up to date on everything social media related. The group has over 1100 members to date and everyone is very helpful. You’ll find all types of opinions and lawyers from all over the world in every type of practice.

I posted a discussion about a month ago asking:

“How Many of You Have Done the Following on Your LinkedIn Profile?

1) Changed your personal url to include your name (Like this –
2) Included a recent photograph of yourself
3) Included your Twitter handle (if you tweet) in your profile
4) Give Recommendations
5) Connect people together you think would benefit from knowing each other
6) Include apps such as slideshare, tripit, etc.”

Most of the group had done all of the above except for #6 to include apps such as Tripit, Slideshare, JD Supra, etc. on their profile. Nancy Myrland kindly provided instructions on how to find the apps on LinkedIn:

“The Apps are easy to find. On your Home Page, look at the last item at the top called More. Click for the drop down, and you will see Get More Applications. You will be taken to a page of Apps that LinkedIn provides for us to enhance our presence. Good Luck!”

Isn’t she great? I highly recommend using Apps such as JD Supra known as Legal Updates, Events, Blog Link, SlideShare, Portfolio Display (to display video on your profile) and perhaps Lawyer Ratings.

More Great Tips from the Group:

  • Make use of the Answers section on LinkedIn.  Take time to answer one question per week in your practice area. This will help create your expert reputation in your particular practice area.
  • Make sure you include a personal messages when connecting with new contacts on LinkedIn. The standard message is quite “blah” in my books. Include how you know the contact or some other piece of interesting information. You’ll stand out from the rest.
  • Include video on your profile. You can do this by adding the Portfolio Display App. You will definitely be ahead of the game on that one.
  • Some suggest not linking your Twitter account as your tweets can bombard people’s newsfeeds and might even lead to you being blocked or unconnected.  I made this mistake as well and have since unconnected my Twitter account.  Please note you can tweet something to your LinkedIn news feed by including the hashtag #LI.
  • Make use of the three URLs you are allotted on your profile.  I list the firm I work for, my blog and The Online Guys. It’s a good idea to list them as “other” and identify each link for what it is instead of the suggested options while editing your profile:

How about you? Do you have any tips I’ve missed? I’d love to hear from you!

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