Check Out The Major Upgrades to LinkedIn Company Pages

linkedin upgrades

LinkedIn launched some pretty fabulous upgrades to Company Pages today.  The biggest change was to the “Follow Company” feature that now looks eerily similar to Twitter and Facebook.

Previously LinkedIn company pages were pretty boring, okay VERY boring.  There was really no point in visiting them. Historically, it took me about thirty minutes to create a company page and ensure all the information was accurate for my clients.  Other than hyperlinking your company page to your profile page, there wasn’t a lot to do after that.

Well things have definitely changed.  Will LinkedIn become as popular as Twitter and Facebook? I’m not sure but they are definitely heading in the right direction.  Here is a breakdown of the updates:

  • Companies can post status updates that will be seen on follower’s homefeeds or by going to the company’s overview tab. Each follower’s network may see updates if the follower comments, shares or likes.
  • Only administrators can post company status updates.  You can assign non-members of your company as administrators as long as they are connections.
  • Status updates can be up to 500 characters including spaces.
  • You will be able to view impressions and engagement on each company page 24 hours after an update is published.
  • LinkedIn will be monitoring the number of posts a company posts and excessive posting may result in a deleted page! So don’t post too often! You don’t want to be seen as spammy.
I’m very impressed with how far LinkedIn company pages have come in the past couple of months.  You can also embed Youtube videos on service pages.  This is a great feature that is sure to get you noticed among your peers.  Have you taken the time to update your page? Don’t forget you can always contact me should you need any help.

Here’s a video from LinkedIn outlining all of the changes

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