Creep First. Ask Questions Later in LinkedIn Groups

I just read an article over on the LinkedIn Blog called Lurk First (and Four More Tips to Get the Most out of LinkedIn Groups), and I wanted to share some of the info with you here.  LinkedIn groups are a great way for lawyers to meet and engage with members of your industry, your alumni and potential clients.

First, make sure you’ve optimized your LinkedIn Profile by doing the following:

  1. Changed your personal url to include your name (Like this -
  2. Included a recent photograph of yourself
  3. Included your Twitter handle (if you tweet) in your profile
  4. Give Recommendations (check your local bar/law society first)
  5. Connect people together you think would benefit from knowing each other
  6. Include apps such as slideshare, tripit, legal updates, etc.
After you’ve completed your profile, search LinkedIn for various groups including those in your practice area, your industry, your alumni and anything else you can think of.  Get into your target client’s head. Where would they hang out on LinkedIn? Do you have any passions are interests that are captured in groups? Join them.
This is where the creeping begins.  “Lurk” first and hold off on the commenting.  Please don’t jump into a conversation without getting the “lay of the land” first.  Here are some tips:
  • Check out the trending topics.  What are people talking about? How will you be able to add to the conversation?
  • Group members who post often become top influencers and are displayed on the bottom right hand side under a label titled “Top Influencers This Week”. These are the people that drive conversations and post often.  Get to know how they interact.
  • Visit the “Manager’s Choice” section to see where the group manager has elevated certain conversations that he or she feels are more important for members to view.
  • Try and get an idea for how conversation flows.  Is it casual? Technical? Match the tone.
So there you have it. Creep first and ask questions later to become a LinkedIn Group champion! Head on over to LinkedIn and start exploring the recently updated Group Search page to find the most valuable places to network.  After you join, you’ll be able to lurk, post, review job listings and connect with colleagues, clients and new leads!


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