How to Mange Your LinkedIn Group Like the Pros Do

Thank you for reading my very first LinkedIn blog post. Accordingly, my first post is about how to not fail at LinkedIn Groups. I chatted with LinkedIn Groups Expert Andy Foote on tonight for almost two hours! He stayed up till nearly 1 am answering viewer comments and sharing great tips.

Watch the entire live broadcast here to hear all the tips – I asked Andy all my toughest LinkedIn questions… and he delivered!

I asked Andy to “roast” my Law and Social Networking Group. In other words, I wanted him to review my group live while the blab community watched. Thankfully, I’m not doing a horrible job but there a lot of things I can do better. My main goal for the group is to provide value in an environment where Lawyers aren’t being sold too. I want them to freely ask questions, take part in discussions and share useful info. Unfortunately, the group hasn’t been doing all these things. After tonight, I hope I can get it back on track.

Here are some tips Andy shared:

1) Pick one day each week to accept new members into the group. Andy suggested that I accept all requests to join the group each Friday.

2) Send a message to people that have requested to join the group to let them know I received their request and that I accept new members each Friday. I can also include a link to my blog (or anything else) in this message. This is a template message that will automatically be sent out each time someone requests to join the group. 

3) Use the “Announcements” feature to share useful information that will provide value to the group. These announcements could include events, articles and/or blog posts. I asked Andy if posting my own blog posts might be misinterpreted as spammy and he said as long at they’re providing useful info, they’re okay. I probably won’t post my blogs but it’s good to know for Lawyers who might create their own groups.

4) LinkedIn sub-groups are going to be changed in to their own stand alone groups. 

5) LinkedIn users can now manage up to 50 groups up from the previous 10. Get creative with your Groups – Andy has one for Apple Watch owners! I’m going to create one for Blab tonight.

6) LinkedIn will be upgrading the spam filters on groups which will be music to the ears of group owners. 

Please watch the video for TONS of useful information. I can’t post it all here otherwise it would be 25 chapters.

Follow Andy Foote on Twitter and Blab for useful LinkedIn information, andfollow me for informative (and entertaining) blabs. If you haven’t joined Blab yet I strongly suggest you do – it’s the first social media platform I’ve gotten excited about in a long time.

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