Lawyers: How To Pick The Perfect LinkedIn Profile Picture

First impressions count, especially on LinkedIn. Within seconds of seeing your profile, LinkedIn users form opinions about you including how trustworthy you are. Most lawyers want to be seen as advisors, guides and/or advocates, and choosing the right profile picture will help.

The below screenshot is of Mitch Jackson’s LinkedIn profile. Mitch is, by far, the most known lawyer on the Internet. If you’re looking for an example to follow, I suggest you follow him. Obviously you’re not going to replicate what he does, but watch how he speaks, what he talks about, how he interacts, etc.

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How to Take or Choose the Right LinkedIn Picture

  • Don’t use an old photo or a photo that doesn’t look like you. There are few things worse than meeting someone for the first time and not recognizing them because the profile photo is from 10 years ago (or longer).
  • Unless you absolutely hate it, you the same picture that’s on your firm’s website. This builds brand consistency and you’ll be easier to find online. You’ll notice I have the same pictures on all my social networks besides my personal Facebook account.
  • Tips for Men: Wear a dark blue or black dress shirt. No t-shirts, Hawaiian shirts, or busy/crazy patterns.
  • Tips for Women: Wear something you feel comfortable in. No t-shirts or big/busy patterns. Soft, dark v-necks look great. Black always works; avoid white.
  • Photos should be professionally done, if possible (but not glamour shots).
  • LinkedIn prohibits pictures of animals, logos and landscapes for profile pictures.
  • If you violate LinkedIn’s profile picture policy 3x, you won’t be allowed to upload a picture again.

LinkedIn Profile Picture Technical Details

  • Make sure your face takes up 60% of the frame.
  • Your LinkedIn Profile picture should be 500 x 500 pixels.
  • Your LinkedIn picture must be in a JPEG, PNG or RGB format.

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  • Have to change my linked in profile right now…because i didn’t qualify in any of the above points.

  • Gustavo Woltmann

    Interesting tips. People don’t pay enough attention to their photos, especially given how important they are.

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