New LinkedIn Feature announced Today – LinkedIn Today

LinkedIn unveiled its latest product today.  It’s called LinkedIn Today similar to your local paper. It promises to be a game change for how professionals share content on LinkedIn. Check out the video:
LinkedIn Today promises to deliver the top stories you need to know about from your trusted network of connections.  One of the main objectives of LinkedIn is to become the essential source for professional insights and I think this is great for lawyers.
Visit LinkedIn Today by going to and take the tour. You can browse all topics or narrow it down to law if you’d prefer.  The top stories come from what was shared most from your network. You can see who shared the content as well.  If you’d like to read an article later you can save it and read it on your iPhone later.
Mr. Nishar of LinkedIn explains it best: “When we make truly live changing decisions, we don’t use search, we rely on the people we trust.” Word of mouth advertising and referrals are still number one when it comes to getting new clients and LinkedIn Today Supports that.
The take away from this is Lawyers and law firms should share their content on LinkedIn often.  The more viral your content becomes the more prominently it will be displayed on LinkedIn Today.  You should return the favor on LinkedIn as well. Share the content of your LinkedIn connections and they’ll be more likely to share your content.
Sharing your content is easy.  Just copy and paste the website address of the content (blog, newsletter, etc.) and go to your homepage on LinkedIn. Click “attach a link” and past away. You can summarize the article where it says “share an update” and have the option of keeping or tossing the thumbnail. Watch for comments on your headlines as well.
Check out these new LinkedIn tools as well. They are pretty cool!
LinkedIn Maps: “Map your professional network to understand the relationships between you and your connections. Your Professional World Visualized.”
Customized StumbleUpon Button:  LinkedIn Today offers a section devoted to StumbleUpon. You’ll see news from the industries you read up on most.
Skills:  “Discover the skills you need to succeed. Learn what you need to know from the thousands of hot, up-and-coming skills we’re tracking.” Enter your desired skill and you’ll see your skills popularity level, professionals with the same skill, related skills, etc.

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