Update: The New LinkedIn Mobile Application Doesn’t Suck!

Did you ever try LinkedIn’s mobile application? If your answer is yes, how did it work for you? I bet it was less than satisfactory to say the least.

I own an Android as well as a Blackberry. Both of their LinkedIn applications sucked (sorry to be so blunt but it’s true!). They took hours long to load and there weren’t enough features. I promptly uninstalled both applications to free up memory space.
The purpose of applications is to make life on the go easier right? A great LinkedIn app should be easy to use and fast. Instead of exchanging business cards at a party you can just whip out your trusty mobile device and make the “connection” instantly. Or perhaps you can get creative and gather counter-intelligence on your competition (I don’t judge!) during networking events. What you do is up to you but it needs to be efficient and effective.
I’m happy to announce LinkedIn announced the “next generation mobile experience” on Tuesday, August 16th. The application is available for iPhones, Androids and also incorporates a brand new HTML5 experience for use in any modern mobile web browser. 
LinkedIn Application Updates:

  • All features run two to ten times faster (big sigh of relief).
  • A simpler user interface. It’s easy to view your profile, add connections, share status updates, etc.
  • You know have the ability to interact with Groups (finally!). Access your groups, browse discussions, comment or exchange information, all from your mobile device.
You can download the iPhone app here and the Andorid app here.  You can test out a preview of the new mobile website by visiting touch.linkedin.com on your iPhone or Android device. (I also tested it out on my blackberry and it worked fine.)
Download the app and test it out.  Hopefully it will make your networking experience easier and more productive! Don’t forget to follow up and personalize your LinkedIn connection request!

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