What Do People Think When They See Your LinkedIn Profile?

According to Pauweis Consulting, having a complete LinkedIn profile makes people 40% more likely to contact you. Having an engaging photo makes people 7% more likely to contact you. With two people joining every second, LinkedIn is the business network of choice.

How To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

  1. Add a professional photo to your LinkedIn profile AKA no shirtless pics or Snapchat selfies. Put on your most engaging smile and make sure your entire face is showing. Having a white background helps.
  2. Add a creative headline that describes exactly what you do. For example, mine says Social Media Specialist for Lawyers, Law Firms & Legal Professionals. Lawyers should include their practice areas.
  3. Craft a brief summary that pulls readers in. Check out what your competitors have on their profile. Include keywords. Some people don’t look past the summary area. You can add documents, photos, links, videos and/or a presentation to your summary area.
  4. Add relevant sections to your profile including video, blog posts, etc. You can add volunteering experience, courses, projects publications, etc. There are tons of choices when it comes to sections.
  5. Add your relevant previous work experience and link them to the appropriate business page on LinkedIn. Your recommendations will appear here. You can add media here as well.
  6. Add your relevant education info. Think about joining alumni groups on LinkedIn.
  7. Add honours and awards to your profile. For example, I won one of Canada’s most influential tweeters in 2011 and a Canadian Law Blog award which I show on my profile.
  8. Consider reordering your skill sections around so that your most desired skills show on top.
  9. Lastly, include how people should get in touch with you – email? phone? LinkedIn message?

Take a look at my LinkedIn Profile as an example. Please contact me if you have any questions or would like more info on my consulting services.

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