Social Media Driven Referrals for Law Firms

As originally posted on the Canadian Intellectual Property Blog on May 22, 2012 What is the number one source of incoming work and your business and/or law firm? I’d guess with 99% certainty, your answer will include something along the lines of word-of-mouth recommendations and/or personal referrals. In an age where 850 million+ people use […]

20 Awesome Facts About Twitter – 2012 Edition

One of my favorite people in the world (and no, he didn’t pay me to say that) Danny Brown recently wrote a post called 52 Cool Facts About Social Media and it inspired me to write something similar about one of my favorite social media platforms, Twitter. I like to collect infographics and statistics on Twitter, […]

Does Everyone in Your Firm Need Social Media Training?

I recently read an article by Mashable titled Does Everyone Need Social Media Training? This question is applicable to law firms as well and the answer is yes.  If your firm is deciding to implement a social media strategy for business development purposes, everyone needs to be on board, from the receptionists all the way […]

How Savvy Legal Marketers Master Law Firm Blogs

More and more law firms are jumping on the blogging bus for business development and marketing purposes. There are firm-wide blogs, individual lawyer blogs and everything in between.  What sets the exceptional blogs apart from mediocre ones is the style, format and consistency of posts.  It’s extremely important to create an editorial calendar and designate […]

How’s Your Zero Moment of Truth?

Guest post by Trip Cave  We meet potential clients at receptions, conferences, even our children’s soccer games. After a brief conversation, that person will probably go back to their office and decide they want to learn more about you. One of the first things they’ll do is Google you. What happens next is what Google […]