My Favorite Social Media Tools for Law Firms

There are a number of social media tools I use on a regular basis (and couldn’t live without).  Because time is money, and most attorneys would rather be billing hours instead of posting, sharing and liking, I’m sharing my favorite social media tools to be more efficient with your time online. Get Clicky Get Clicky […]

Is Your Law Firm Website Spammy?

As an attorney or legal professional, the last thing you want is for your website to come off as spammy or “3:00am-infomercial-garbage”.  We have all been subjected to these sorts of sites: blinking banners, pop-up call-me buttons, beckoning chat boxes, you know the type. We don’t intend for our websites to come off this way. […]

How to Vastly Improve Your Website’s SEO

I’ve been spending more time on LinkedIn, groups in particular, and recently created a group, Law Firm Website SEO. I created this group for the same reason I started this blog many moons ago: to chronicle my experience and education relating to law firm social media. Instead of starting a new blog relating to SEO, […]