’s Kick-Ass Upgrade

Breaking News! Put down your coffee and brace yourself… is undergoing a kick-ass upgrade! Behemoth social media platforms aren’t completely refreshed often (hence the kick-ass title). According to Twitter, hundreds of millions of people visit their site every month. Over 3 billion tweets have been sent since Twitter’s birth and 0.01% of these (32 million) […]

How To Prepare for Google’s Upcoming Algorithm Change

Is your website prepared for Google’s next major algorithm change? Google is upgrading it’s mobile search formula on April 21, 2015. After the update, mobile-friendly websites will enjoy higher positions in search rankings. Law firm websites and blogs must comply with Google’s new mobile-friendly-formula. If websites aren’t updated, they run the risk of sinking to the bottom […]

2015 Social Media Statistics for Lawyers

I love reading social media statistics. Some people might think that’s nerdy but it’s the truth. I help Lawyers and law firms create social media strategies. Staying ahead of the social media curve is vital. Talking about social media is always entertaining. People love it or hate it. Most haters don’t understand it (or their spouse dumped […]