Guest Post by me on Marketing by Deepak

Mr. Gupta recently featured me on his blog, Marketing by Deepak. You can find the original article here.  Here is a copy of it for you. Hope you enjoy!

Where do you work and how did you become so passionate about social media?
I am the Business Development Coordinator for MBM Intellectual Property Law LLP, a Canadian law firm that practices exclusively in the area of intellectual property, including the commercialization of technology and the exploitation of knowledge.
I was inspired to learn more about social media after taking part in a webinar hosted by Kevin O’Keefe titled “Networking in a Digital Age: Social Media for Legal Professionals”.  Prior to this I had only used LinkedIn for professional purposes.  Thankfully Kevin convinced me to see the full potential of using social media in a legal marketing strategy.
What is one of the biggest fears lawyers face when using social media?
Time. I have worked in a law firm for over three years and have never seen a lawyer with a moment to spare.  Learning how to use social media absolutely takes a time investment in the beginning stages.  Legal marketers can help out by teaching lawyers how to use tweet-scheduling software such as Hootsuite and creating RSS feeds of their favorite blogs, news alerts and anything else they may find interesting.  I think setting a schedule to use social media each day is very important as well.

Why should lawyers use social media in their marketing strategies?
Simple.  The most important reason lawyers should use social media in their marketing strategies is because potential clients are using social media to do their research.  Taking the time to create an online presence allows people to see that lawyers are likeable, approachable and can be trusted with their legal matters.
Lawyers should use social media to connect and interact with a larger pool of clients, potential clients and referral sources.  Additionally, social media will broadcast their firm’s expertise, capabilities and activities to the world.
What is one of the first things a lawyer should do to start utilizing social media?
One of the first and easiest things a lawyer should do is create a comprehensive profile on Linkedin to showcase their expertise, boost their personal Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and grow their networks.
I also suggest that lawyers join practice area groups to mingle with peers, share ideas, give advice and perhaps get a referral or two.
What’s the latest thing in social media for lawyers right now?
JD Supra, a site lawyers use to share their legal content, has recently collaborated with Linkedin to create a new application called Legal Updates.  Lawyers can now upload all of their legal work (articles, newsletters, documents and forms) to their profiles for their entire network to see.

I think the best feature by far is any Linkedin user can subscribe to receive targeted JD Supra content based on their industry and profession.  The lawyer’s uploaded work is sent directly to those who want to read it.  It can’t get much better than that.
Who do you look up to for inspiration?
Picture Cred: Stephen Cummings

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  • Nancy Myrland

    Very good post Samantha! Your approach of being systematic about use and interaction is a wise one. Thanks, also, for your kind mention at the end.

  • Samantha Collier

    You are most welcome Nancy. You are one of the kindest people I met on Twitter with a huge wealth of information to share.

  • Samantha Collier

    You are most welcome Nancy. You are one of the kindest people I met on Twitter with a huge wealth of information to share.