Mitch Jackson Interview: Law Firm Social Media

Mitch Jackson is one of the most popular and active Lawyers on social media. He is a great example of how to do social media right.

Questions I asked Mitch Included

  1. What software systems/tools do you use to manage your social media presence?
  2. How do you take conversations offline? Or do you even have to take conversations offline?
  3. If a Lawyer is really shy by nature do you think social media is a good way to get involved with business development activities for the firm?
  4. How much time do you spend on social media and live streaming per week?
  5. Many of my clients don’t even have a Facebook account. They are excited to get started with social media but tend to get a bit overwhelmed at first – what is your biggest piece of advice when starting out?

About Mitch Jackson

Jon Mitchell “Mitch” Jackson enjoys combining law, technology and social media to help entrepreneurs disrupt, hack, and dominate their space in the business world. He has been a trial lawyer, a successful investor, and has owned his own business for almost 3 decades. In 2013 Mitch was named a California Litigation Lawyer of the Year (CLAY Award) and in 2009 one of Orange County’s Trial Lawyers of the Year. When he’s not trying cases, Mitch uses social media and technology to help businesses and entrepreneurs expand their sphere of influence, build new relationships and increase profits.

Mitch’s law firm website is and his communication tips blog Outside the courtroom, Mitch enjoys chatting with amazing people from around the world who are influencing change, disrupting industries, and turning the world upside down (in a good way). You can join the conversation at Human.Social

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