Would You Listen to a Weekly Show Discussing Social Media BS?

I eat, breath and sleep social media for law firms. I love my job and I love my clients. I love seeing that “aha” moment when lawyers “get it”.

On the other hand, I can’t stand it when I hear false information from social media “experts”. They make professionals like me look bad. Social media is already a hard sell, and these “gurus” make it worse.

Social media is a constantly changing landscape. Here’s why you need to hire an experienced professional.

Social media platforms come and go. Businesses need to evaluate each one to see if it’s right for them. Non-experts will encourage you to try everything. A perfect example is Quora, Google it.

Creating the perfect social media status update is not easy. You have to think about messaging, branding, ad budgets, graphics, timing and much more. It’s easy to spot a poorly written update. I know you’ve seen them. It’s my job to make you look amazing online. A sloppy update makes you look bad – and would you hire a sloppy professional? 

Each client requires a different social media strategy. There is no one-size-fits-all method. Non-experts will tell you to automate everything to “save time”. Automation can be used but it has to be strategically. When I partner with a new firm, we spend a lot of time researching demographics, referral sources, what works offline, etc. I get to know the company culture and translate it online.

cartoon workersSocial media is not cheap – you get what you pay for. How much do law firm marketers make per year? It depends on their level of experience, schooling, etc. There’s no school for social media as it changes day-to-day – they’d be rewriting text books all the time. Take the annual salary of an in-house marketing professional and divide that into months and hours when figuring out your social media budget. Non-experts charge way too little or way too much.

Non-experts won’t have references. Social media specialists will. End of story.

Non-experts usually have a bad social media presence themselves. Always take the time to look them up online.

Non-experts will have answers for every question you have – they are “yes” people. Even if they don’t offer a particular service, they’ll say yes and then try and outsource it. Personally, I offer six packages and that’s it. If you ask me something I don’t know, I’ll say no. I’ll research it and find out but I won’t tell you what you want to hear.

I could go on and on. Instead, I’m thinking about creating a weekly social media for law firms show where I discuss social media BS as well as tips, tools and strategies. I would broadcast it via Facebook Live, YouTube Live and other platforms. I’d also put it in podcast format afterwards.

Would you watch/listen this type of show? Thank you for your feedback!

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