How’s Your Zero Moment of Truth?

Guest post by Trip Cave 

Law Firm SEOWe meet potential clients at receptions, conferences, even our children’s soccer games. After a brief conversation, that person will probably go back to their office and decide they want to learn more about you. One of the first things they’ll do is Google you. What happens next is what Google has termed the “Zero Moment of Truth.” The ZMOT as Google refers to it, is “that moment when you grab your laptop or mobile device and start learning more about a product or service.” We all do it, but have you ever thought how that moment could be affecting you?
The potential client you met earlier is now doing a Google search about yours truly, and what he or she finds (or doesn’t find) starts their decision making process. Imagine this lead met you as well as another lawyer and now there’s a competition. How confident are you in his “Zero Moment of Truth”?
Here are some simple ways to help this process: 
1. Spend time updating your online website biography with recent matters and updated contact information. Work with your firm’s IT department to get this ball rolling.
2. Optimize your LinkedIn profile by entering more than name, title and company. Write a compehensive summary and include your past employment information. Add your Twitter account. (Get on Twitter if you haven’t already!). Include a professional picture. Add some apps. You get the picture.
As Google search becomes more specialized and a new generation of decisions makers become more comfortable using Google, will what they find? What will make them want to hire you? 
While it’s true no one is going to just give you work based on search results, in an ever competing landscape of specialized services, can you afford not to optimize your online presence?
Treat your online biography and LinkedIn profile as a product you are trying to sell. It’s no longer OK to just have a mere presence online. You need to continually update your online profile(s) therefore giving yourself a better chance to be found.
Next time you Google a product and find the information at your finger tips, think about that potential lead who is doing a Google search for you. Will you be found? And if so, will they get the information they need and will you be part of their “zero moment of truth”?


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