Law Firm Click-to-Call Advertisements. The Results are In!

I just read a neat article by Jeremy Hessing-Lewis over at Skunkwords titled “Google Click-to-Call Ads for Law Firms I wanted to share with you.

He’s been testing out click-to-call ads on several of his law firm client AdWord campaigns and he says they work extremely well.

Click-to-Call advertisements are ads that appear with phone numbers in search results on mobile devices with full internet browsers.  Users can click the phone number and be instantly connected.  Sounds like instant gratification to me.

Jeremy says it best here:

“These numbers do get clicks. For one of our clients (a personal injury firm) 40 of the 239 clicks in May were calls directly from the search results, at an average cost per click of $2.43 (in contrast to $6.11/click for the campaign as a whole). While I’m certainly not suggesting that all of these clicks represent new clients, some of them inevitably will be. What better way to gauge return-on-investment than saying we pay A for each call to the firm relating to keywords B, C, and D? Phone calls trigger the client-intake process. This is as good as it gets for tracking conversions.”

It’s important to think of what type of clients you’re looking to attract when using these ads.  Your decision to utilize these can also depend on what type of practice you have.

Will you be checking out Click-to-Call Ads for your law firm advertising?

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